How to participate


The Fondazione Emanuela Zancan  as subject which proposes this initiative, is committed:

- to take care of the professional competences that are necessary for managing the methodological and technical choices, assuring on-site visits and at-distance monitoring in order to optimize the management of research protocols;

- to analyse data in order to recognise and assess the severity of needs, the level of personalisation for each individual, the effectiveness and the ratio cost/effectiveness; these analysis will allow to prepare periodical reports for sharing evaluations;

- to manage the IT platform that supports cure, care, research  and evaluation;

- to prepare, in collaboration with partners, publications in order to disseminate results at national and international scale.

 In details, the Fondazione Zancan will provide funds for:

  1. Implementation and development of SPweb software
  2. For the length of each partner agreement, the possibility to use freely the software
  3. Implementation of the SPweb User Guide
  4. Costs of ordinary management of the IT platform
  5. Costs for the coordination of the partners involved in PersonaLAB
  6. Scientific dissemination of results (printing and organisation of conference are not included here), also comparatively, highlighting the involvement of each partners


Each lab-site shares the underlining philosophy and the goals of PersonaLAB and assures its commitment integrating its research, clinical, and professional competences with other partners. Each partner is committed:

- to guarantee the appropriate implementation of PersonaLAB activities,
- to involve, train and up-date professionals who will participate to PersonaLAB,
- to share the methodological and evaluative choices,
- to organise meeting in order to monitor and assess the results,
- to involve the professional and technical resources that are necessary for a positive implementation of the research;
- to share costs for implementing the project,
- to implement, make public, disseminate findings.


To be part of the multisite research group, please contact

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